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GIFFT By Kathy Lee Gifford

Leslie Hallman
October 31, 2018 | Leslie Hallman

Kathie Lee's Thanksgiving Traditions

Learning how to make Grandma Joanie's sensational stuffing, Thankgiving 1997

"I adore Thanksgiving. Since the very first celebration in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1621, it has continued to be about one thing: GRATITUDE. I don’t cook much in our home throughout the year but I do try to make up for it on Thanksgiving. We start several days before the feast and I love the whole process. If I’m not covered in flour and cinnamon and sage and gravy by the time we sit down to give thanks, I have slacked off and I am not worthy of praise!

I’m so grateful for the joy of family and friends and food and fellowship. Is there anything sweeter?"

- Kathie Lee Gifford 

We say grace beforehand and then we go around the table individually and say what we are grateful for.



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Friendship, Love, Laughter... It's a GIFFT!