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GIFFT By Kathy Lee Gifford

2019 GIFFT Chardonnay

2019 GIFFT Chardonnay

2019 GIFFT Chardonnay

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Our GIFFT Chardonnay exhibits richness, depth and complexity, balanced by lively acidity and an essential freshness.

Featuring the gorgeous tropical fruit flavors that are the hallmark of Monterey Chardonnays, GIFFT Chardonnay strikes the ideal balance between rich and refreshing.

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I first came to love Chardonnay many years ago when I fell in love with French Burgundy. I loved it so much that when Frank and I welcomed a dog into our home, we named our little bichon frise Chardonnay, along with her partner, Chablis.

Over the years, though, my love affair with Chardonnay (the wine, not the dog) waned. So when I decided to partner with the Scheid family, our goal was to craft a wine with poise, one that allowed the true varietal character of the Chardonnay grape to shine. GIFFT Chardonnay is that wine.

Friendship, Love, Laughter... It's a GIFFT!