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GIFFT By Kathy Lee Gifford

Jennifer Evans
August 7, 2017 | Jennifer Evans

The Benefits of Back to School

Everyone can reap the benefits of kids heading back to school. Certainly if you’re a parent with young kids in grade school, you have newfound freedom to catch up on your to-do list kid free or head off to work with a clear mind while your kids head off to school. Or, you may have just sent a child off to college and you’re wondering what to do with the extra space around the house. Maybe you’re a grandparent who enjoyed spending extra time with your grandkids over the summer and now you’re looking forward to hearing about their next achievement. No matter what your age or stage in life, we’ve gathered a few tips to help you focus on you.

Get together with friends.
With a bit more free time in the morning, invite a few friends over for a back-to-school brunch. Eggs Benedict is a classic and the combination of poached eggs, ham, and an English muffin with a big, bold hollandaise sauce pairs beautifully with GIFFT Chardonnay. Melon and prosciutto, veggie quiche, or smoked salmon pair well with our GIFFT Pinot Noir Rosé. Or for something simpler, set up an acai bowl bar with all the toppings – granola, shaved coconut, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, etc. Although wine may not come instantly to mind when thinking acai bowl, it’s yay for GIFFT Rosé, a wine that pairs with just about everything! Whatever you decide to serve, remember to relax and enjoy the time with friends while catching up on your summer adventures.

Use your phone for more than social media.
Posting pictures and seeing what your relatives are up to on Facebook is nice, but really connecting with the ones you love is so important. Let’s face it, with busy summer schedules, vacations, and just having kids about the house, it can be hard to find even a minute to pick up the phone and call a loved one or old friend. Now is the time to use your extra quiet moments during the day to catch up with those who you are missing or haven’t seen in a while. Connecting with friends and family feeds the soul.

Print summer memories.
You probably took hundreds of pictures during your vacation or throughout the summer. Now is the time to do something with them. Upload your photos to your favorite photo site to have specialty prints made, or just print a few from your computer at home. With a collection of simple frames, you can create a fun family collage to fill that empty space on the wall.

Clean and declutter.
Yes, spring is supposed to be for cleaning, but the in-and-out of summer activities seems to bring in dust, dirt or sand. The remnants of back-to-school shopping and organization are also probably piled up in different parts of the house. Take this time to thoroughly clean those areas that have lacked some cleaning love, like the baseboards, kitchen cabinets, or the kids’ rooms. Focus on one small area each day and in just a couple of weeks, you will have your house reorganized and clutter free.

Take care of you, part I.
Parents are great about taking care of their children – scheduling doctors’ appointments, dentist appointments, and whatever-else-they-need appointments – but what about your own health needs? Take the time to evaluate the appointments that you’ve put on hold and make them today. General check-up, teeth cleaning, dermatologist skin check, mammogram, colonoscopy….yeah, we know they’re not fun. But your health is important not only to you but your family and peace of mind feels great. Get out your calendar and take care of yourself by being your own health advocate.

Take care of you, part II.
There are countless hours in your life that you have spent taking care of others. Take some time to take care of yourself. Enjoy a long walk, get engrossed in a good book, or schedule a rejuvenating appointment for a pedicure, facial or massage. It's amazing how a refresh of your mind, body and spirit can restore your energy and open your heart to new ways of giving and sharing the true joys of life with others.


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